INform: Outsourcing Done Differently

As a US company with a European office, outsourcing with INform is an excellent way to expand American-standard development capacity while keeping costs low.

Many companies are outsourcing their software production to the Far East. But people in the know realize that European companies provide much higher level of quality and expertise.

The Benefits of Outsourcing with INform

  1. Significant cost reduction.
  2. Increased efficiency.
  3. Adopt technical partners with specialized expertise.
  4. No need to recruit and train new employees.
  5. No administration and HR management costs.
  6. Fast and easy access to world-class developers.
  7. All staff are fluent English speakers.
  8. Proven track record with excellent references.

INform offers American-standard professional software development within a Central European time zone. This enables working-hours conference calls from both sides of the Atlantic and the Middle East. As our partner, you achieve cost savings without any reduction in quality, while retaining full control over the entirety of the process. We share a similar Western culture, all staff are fluent English speakers. Under three hours flight proximity from any place in Europe make Macedonia a comfortable nation to communicate with in person or online.

Outsourcing does not only have to be just coding – we target all aspects of the software development process, according to the delivery you need. Phases of a software development process can include discovery and requirements gathering; coding; QA and testing; documentation; consultancy and project management. We can also offer custom web solutions, social marketing, and graphic design for the full span of your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Where do you outsource from? A: Macedonia, a small startup-friendly European nation in the Central European time zone.

Q: Do you have English speaking staff? A: INform is an American-owned company, all our staff are fluent English speaking with many years of experience working with Western companies.

Q: What technologies is INform skilled? A: While we can supply an extensive list of technologies we are proficient in, we have the ability to add team members with necessary skill sets for your specific project.

Q: How do you safeguard intellectual property? A: INform has been a registered software company since 2001 with a proven track record (references available). Beyond our work with the US government, we have extensive experience working with IP-holding companies both large and small. We take your intellectual property seriously and implement stringent safeguards in all our processes.

Q: Is the time difference a liability or benefit? A: Certainly a benefit! Software development takes less time when people are working on your applications around the clock, so you can get your product to market more quickly than your competitors can. We are 9 hours ahead of PST and 6 hours ahead of EST – so we work while you sleep!

Q: How are the meetings managed for overseas clients? A: Macedonia is in the Central European Timezone (GMT+1 hour). Meetings via Skype or GoToMeeting are available and manageable both sides of the Atlantic. We are a flexible team and will always do our utmost to accommodate appointment requests with our US and Western European clients. Additionally, we invite you to visit us in beautiful and startup-friendly Skopje to set the scope of work, a short (< 3 hour) and inexpensive flight from elsewhere in Europe.

Q: Do you provide with system documentation? A: Yes, we can write the entire documentation for you, including design specification documents, test plans, and regulatory compliance documents.

Q: How do you track progress on your projects? A: We provide an online Project Management Information System (PMIS) so you always know the status of the project, the progress made, and the hours logged against the scope of work (SOW). We include weekly conference calls as needed. Our PMIS is used by NASA; if it is good enough for NASA, it is good enough for us!

I would recommend INform to anyone looking for a professional and friendly software design service. Compared to others, INform Engineering’s commitment to their customers is exceptional and ongoing. INform always felt like a part of our team and not an external resource.

Jon Barron - President, Datrix, Inc.

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