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Here’s what we’ve been busy with over the past two decades:

1-year project, 2017-2018

The SnapBar App is a digital photo booth app for iPad; coupled with its sophisticated online platform, The SnapBar App enables you to create branded photo experiences for USA rentals and subscriptions and represents a complete digital photo booth solution. The system we built allows you to upload logos, create custom overlays and microsite galleries, as well as get real-time analytics, data, and leads captured at events. From the interface design to the branding of the stand itself, everything can be customized.

The SnapBar App is the perfect photo booth or selfie station app for events, parties, or marketing activations. It delivers an intuitive user experience for guests and turns your iPad into a premium photo booth experience.

The app also pairs seamlessly with The SnapBar hardware of booths and selfie stands for a premium photo booth experience that is affordable, portable and easy-to-use.

Create a fun experience for guests, with stunning photo layouts and GIFs. Set up the app to run by itself using the iPad’s front camera, so guests can view and interact with the screen on their own.

The SnapBar App is so effortless to use that guests will have time to take as many photos as they want, with or without an attendant. Guests will also appreciate the intuitive screen layout and ability to quickly send their photos by email or text message.

And you’ll love the ability to create a custom branded experience from the start screen to your very own online gallery. Your gallery also includes the hashtag of your choice, as well as options to enable guests to easily share to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter directly from their mobile device.

The SnapBar App is loaded with all of the features and customizable options you need to make your next event amazing, including:
• Customizable start screen
• Lead capture to grow your prospect list
• Unlimited number of photos and galleries
• Image filters and editing
• Branded online galleries for all photos and GIFs
• Guests send themselves pictures by email or via text message
• You and your guests have the ability to change the photo layout or GIF
• Place your branded logo and overlay on any GIF or layout
• Offline queue mode for when Internet access isn’t available
• Manage and edit settings from anywhere
• Online analytics and cloud features

6-month project, 2016-2017

  • Custom Android build, porting the Linux kernel and Android Open Source Project to Gauge custom hardware
  • Android app for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Hours of Service (HOS), which communicates with eFleetSuite — telematics service providers’ compliance application

8-month project, 2016-2017
Electronics and firmware for rehydration reminder to help you drink more water throughout the day.

Ongoing project, 2016-present

  • Web pages for various companies and organizations
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management
  • E-commerce

Mathematics In My Room

6-month project, 2014
Corporate Social Responsibility project with the NGO “Open The Windows”, specializing in technologies for children with disabilities. “Mathematics In My Room” is an accessible online game that teaches basic mathematics concepts to school-age children.

Duurzame scheurkalender

3-month project, 2014
An Android mobile app that presents a widget on the home screen with a daily tear-off calendar with quotes about environmental sustainability and information about upcoming sustainability events for promoting sustainability awareness.

6-year project, 2010-2016


  • Miniature heart monitor with Bluetooth for transfer of ECG via an iOS and Android mobile app, with optimized battery consumption, suitable for long-term monitoring of up to 14 days.
  • Desktop software for communicating with the heart monitor via USB and drawing recorded ECG.
  • iOS and Android mobile app for communicating with the heart monitor via Bluetooth, configuring the heart monitor, notifying the patient of a problem with the electrodes or the heart monitor, and transferring of ECG data from the heart monitor to the cloud.


  • Standard heart monitor with a GSM module for real-time remote monitoring of ECG, with battery capacity up to 48 hours.
  • Cloud web app for connecting to the heart monitor, live ECG streaming, and querying recorded ECG.

IntriCon Fitting System

Desktop software for fitting a digital hearing-aid to the specific needs of the patient.

Chicago Entrepreneur Partnership

Virtual Shop on Second Life

9-month project, 2008-2009
Virtual brick-and-mortar 3D shop in the early days of eBay, where all characters and sellable items were drawn by hand in 3ds Max and Blender, and imported into the Second Life web platform.

Buy Shoes. Save Lives.

1-year project, 2007-2008
E-commerce website for the Preemptive Love Coalition project called “Buy Shoes. Save Lives.”, a hybrid micro-economic-meets-social-enterprise model from which they used profits to fund their first lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children.

EXO Applications

4-year project, 2001-2005
Desktop software & enterprise software for digital workflow of administrative documentation used in the USAID executive offices worldwide.

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