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Crafting an Android App

INform is a good partner for affordable mobile apps.

The mobile landscape is always changing, and Google’s Android platform, along with Apple’s iOS—remains at the forefront, offer an array of different devices and Android-specific applications.

If you have an Android app idea ready to build from scratch, or you have an existing app that needs updates or new integrations, or you’re just looking to take a page of your app and convert it to an Android Instant App, INform can help. Our skilled Android developers are here to not only design and code your app, but to guide you through the processes of testing, submission and approval.

Identify Your Mobile App Project Requirements.

Not all mobile apps are created equal. While many may be 2D games don’t require complex integrations, other apps requiring access to device-level APIs and integrations with third-party APIs may require a more specific skill set. Here we can help as well.

What is your app designed to do, and how will it work? Who is your audience, and why will it be useful to them? These are some of the questions we will ask you, thus defining exactly what you want from your mobile app, which is the first process step. Once you establish these requirements, we move on creation.

Examples of our Android Apps:

6-year project, 2010-2016


  • Miniature heart monitor with Bluetooth for transfer of ECG via an Android and iOS mobile app, with optimized battery consumption, suitable for long-term monitoring of up to 14 days.
  • Desktop software for communicating with the heart monitor via USB and drawing recorded ECG.
  • Android and iOS mobile app for communicating with the heart monitor via Bluetooth, configuring the heart monitor, notifying the patient of a problem with the electrodes or the heart monitor, and transferring of ECG data from the heart monitor to the cloud.


  • Standard heart monitor with a GSM module for real-time remote monitoring of ECG, with battery capacity up to 48 hours.
  • Cloud web app for connecting to the heart monitor, live ECG streaming, and querying recorded ECG.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

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